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The 2018 editions of Wills, Probate and Executors is now available in eBook and paperback.

Living trusts are a private money management tool that can manage your estate (money) during your lifetime if necessary. A living trust can also distribute your estate after you pass away.

Wills and probate court are criticized early and often. Still, they are a viable way to manage your estate or to use as a first step in estate planning.

With a PET TRUST, you can make provision for your cat, dog, horse, iguana or monkey.

You can decide who will manage your pet's day to day care and who will handle the money. Most pet trusts are simple ways to provide for your furbabies.

Powers of Attorney Transfer decision making for personal (medical, clothing and food) decisions and property decisions (money).

You will learn the steps to take to make your power of attorney strong. 

Pauline Dembicki has written five books on estate planning. Three books are in paperback and eBook. 


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